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It is always good to be aware of the latest real estate trends in any area you spend time in and if you are here dating Dominican women or courting various ladies looking for a Dominican wife or girlfriend there is no reason not to check out the local property scene. While looking at real estate there are plenty of Cabarete villas and Sosua rentals to choose from with short on long stays available. There are many beautiful Dominican Republic villas for rent year round with swimming pools, tropical gardens and whatever else you fancy.


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The scene here in the Dominican Republic as far as real estate is along the lines of much of the world in the fact that its slow as of this writing on April 25, 2012. This of course means that there are bargains to be had. Lots of people have no money and the banks are not giving out loans very much these days. As a foreigner down here you can pretty much forget about getting a loan for anything down here as they want you to bring cash. This is not 100% but the exceptions usually come with interest rates you are not used to and they can rival evil credit card in the United States rates. If you default on a payment here the person you owe the money to takes the property back with no questions asked no matter how much equity you have in it. No extensions. Buying Dominican Republic Real Estate can be tricky. Make sure you pick the right agent.


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Dominican women for the most part are happy with a house that is humble compared to women in the US. Many of them are used to sharing a house with several family members including extended family. This of course is why they are so much more family oriented than Americans. One bathroom and electricity most of the time is normal. Blackouts are a part of life here and people do not make a big deal of it unless it happens consistency for weeks at a time. Many Dominicans do not pay for their electricity and have been raised to think that the government should provide it free. The people that are more economically stable and government subsidies pay for the energy and the attitude amongst some Dominicans to the government is 'I know you are stealing from the country blind so you will give me electricity."