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Dating Dominican women online can be an easy way to find a Latina wife. Click any photo above to see photos and profiles of hundreds of Latino women. Order their contact information today!



How can I increase my chances of meeting a nice woman on this dating site?

One of most common mistakes guys make is that they meet too few of the ladies. They see a photo or two and think this is the one for me and if it does not work out then they give up. A photo is a photo and nobody can predict when the chemistry will be right between two people. Ordering more contacts will put the odds on your side and help you meet a great person you may have a future with. Its worth the small fee we charge.


What if I don’t speak Spanish?

You can have a friend join you on the phone for your first conversation(s), at least until you find out if you like each other. Some of the girls speak English and you can speak slowly to them (use no slang). You can start off with a translated email if you prefer. The language barrier can actually make the whole experience special. Try to learn some of the phrases in Spanish that you will use regularly like ‘I will call you later’, ‘How was your day?, ‘I hope to be in the Dominican Republic soon’, ‘Speaks slower please’, ‘I do not understand’, ‘I miss talking to you’, ‘I want to meet you very much’, etc.. It is a good idea to put many of these phrases into a translator, get the Spanish version, print them out and keep them handy. Having exactly what you want to ask her and common phrases on paper in front of you when you talk will help a lot. It is also very important to pronounce the words as correctly as possible. Google translate has a feature where the audio of your translation can be heard. It is actually fun and your girl may be entertained by your efforts.


What happens if her phone number is not working?

Try it a few times and leave email. You would not want to miss meeting your future Dominican wife just because you did not try hard enough to contact her. Some of the women live in areas where signals are not always very good (Very common in the DR). When you do contacct her she will be excited to speak with you. Give her a few days to answer email since many of them do not have computers at home. Do call her several times if you have to because they eagerly want to meet foreign men. It her contact information is no longer valid we will replace it with another free. See 'Guarantee' link for more detailed information.



What does the average Latin female think about being with an older man?

That is the norm here and probably in 80% of the world or more. Don’t think like a westerner. Men in their 60’s are considered potential partners by these women. Yes financial security is at the top of the list why but is that not true everywhere? Whether you just want to meet pretty exotic islands girls for a little companionship or something more serious, your age is not a factor. Remember that you are in a different part of the world and the customs are not the same. You will not be looked at by others as being an odd couple when you walk together. It’s like finding the fountain of youth.


Is the DR dangerous?
No. Children hitchhike from school every day here. People leave their babies with strangers when they get on carnival rides. It is the way the world should be. There is crime of course and like most places if you don’t look for trouble you probably won’t find it. Violent crime is rare and a fraction of what it is in the US.

What is the weather like in the DR?
Hot Hot Hot. Normally about 78-84 in the winter 85-90 in the summer. Perfect for dating Dominican women all year round.

Where is the Dominican Republic?
It is the Eastern half of an island in the Caribbean Sea. It is south of Cuba, west of Puerto Rico and northeast of Jamaica


What blood background do the people have?
The people are a mix of Spanish , Middle East , African and Native Indian. This exotic mix results in one beautiful Latin female!