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A Dominican woman may change her contact information at different times in her life just like the next person. They do not always let us know (at least right away). We update our website on a regular basis removing female members that have recently formed serious relationships, have outdated contact information (or update their information. Should you notify us of any lady where all her contact information is no longer valid (meaning email and phone number are no longer working), we will replace it free with another lady of your choice upon verification, no questions asked. We could never assure you every email address or telephone number will be valid since it is not in our power to control. We will do our best to make up for it if this happens and update our files to deactivate that person. Many of the ladies are young and when losing a phone, do not know they can get a new phone with the same number as many are used to using pre-paid phones. Often they get their phones and service connection via a friend and if they lose it or it stops working they cannot get another with the same number. Outdated phone numbers or email is a part of life but not the norm by any means here at this Latina Dating Service, we are just letting you know how things work here in the Dominican Republic. Inform us by email should this happen and after confirming, we will replace the contact with another one free. There is nothing to worry about as far as us trying to make you happy so whether you are playing the field or are searching for Hispanic women for marriage, we will give you what we promise..


We guarantee phone numbers to be current

A Dominican girl can change her availability status by getting engaged or married. She could also request to be removed from our service. Dominican Dating Connection maintains and updates its content daily. A member changing her availability status or requesting to be removed from our service will no longer appear on the website.


Dominican Dating Connection guarantees you the working phone number for the lady you are interested in. We cannot control the ladies contact information but if a telephone number proves to be out of date we will replace it at no charge upon verification. Please email us a short note with the details (member number and phone number) so we can update our data.



Due to the Facebook revolution which is happening in the Dominican Republic also, many ladies have abandoned their email addresses and communicate solely through Facebook. This means many of the emails will not work anymore and mail will be returned. If you get returned email or no response, give her a call and ask for her Facebook link if you want to write her.


Try this trick for emails that do not work:

Go to Facebook and on the Search line near the top left and next to the F logo type in her email. There is a chance her Facebook profile will appear. Its worth a try as it often works.

The girls on this site are not “wired” like most men living in America, Europe and Asia. They do not carry a” Blackberry” in order to read live email messages from Foreign men so please allow 7 to 10 days for an email response. Going wireless and staying connected is not part of their culture so many do not check email every day.
Most members check their email messages at night if they have a computer at home. Many do not have a home computer and therefore rely on Internet Café services to read their email messages. They receive many messages from all over the world.


Each member woman is real and is available for contact. Should you hear from a woman that is engaged or married, we will upon verification, give you one replacement contact.


Dominican Dating Connection is only providing information services for sweet, beautiful, lovely and single Latin women seeking friendship, true love, romance and/or marriage and does not make any claims or guarantees as to the accuracy of the data supplied by our members.


Dominican Dating Connection does not guarantee specific results and cannot be responsible for the outcomes of your contact(s) or the subsequent meetings between parties.



What to do when contact information you ordered is not working:


* Send us an email with the ladies's 5 digit number

* Send us the email and/or phone number that is not working correctly and exactly why.

(for example say the phone is disconnected or someone answers that is not the person or does not know who she is, email address not working and my mail was returned, etc.)


We will check out the contact information.

Within 24 hours we will contact you after verifying the info is bad and send you replacement(s) of your choice free of charge for any bad contact information no questions asked (or we will send you the updated information for that lady if we can get it). This happens and we do not know their information changes unless they tell us which they often don't do.