Her Point of View


She is from an island in the Caribbean that is far behind the Western countries in education, technology, transportation, legal justice and many other categories. There is no telling of what she may think of when it comes to having a foreigner as a spouse.



dominican republic woman in front of houselatin girl using computer



She has heard of and seen on cable life as it is in the richer countries that seem to rule the world. She may have seen tourists come to the Dominican Republic and spend money like it grows on trees. How much interaction she has had with foreigners may depend on where she lives as far as closeness to the resorts or tourist attractions. Living in a big city or the country of course is also a factor.

You very well be nervous when you meet a woman for the first time that you met online. You have been communicating but the first meeting is special and with all the anticipation from both sides, can make one act differently than they normally do. In this way you two are equal. When factors such as different culture, language and countries are in the mix, the meeting can become more complicated.


The following notes to these scenarios are not clear cut 100% by any means as all the ladies have different personalties of course but they are the most likely.


If she is financially poor and not very educated


She will be much more family oriented and want you to meet her family early on. She will probably be quiet when you first meet her and expect you to carry the conversation. Someone from her family may be with her when you first meet and quite possibly a few people from her family.

If she likes you then the ball will be in your court and you can guide here to be what you want in a woman. If she is from the country then this will be even more likely.



If she is financially poor and educated


In this case she will have met many more people like you and be less intimidated. What she won't have is an attitude like you find in women back home. She will understand that there is hope for her to find a good man if you are not the one so she will be a bit more picky but not too much. She will have questions for you and if she is young may believe anything you say. Do not lie. This woman may be the love of your life one day and you do not need to impress her with statements about money or what you have. She is an attractive lady and has met guys with money before but none of those guys ever considered her for a serious relationship. She is interested in a serious relationship with you though and that is a fact.


If she comes from a middle class or above family


When Dominican people (and most other Latin cultures) are financially comfortable many are very class oriented but there are more educated women so they may seek men from overseas. They will do this before they marry a poor or uneducated Dominican. The class system is very real here. If you are a foreigner you will be automatically accepted into their upper class society. The number of educated women outnumber the number of educated men by quite a bit and if you go to the Universities here you will see why. Many of the men have to work to support their families so school is not happening for them. At times it seems like some of the Universities are all girls schools as they outnumber the male students by far. The middle class families are just making it and if education is not stressed by the parents then the children may go to work for the family business. The middle class that work for a company, bank, etc. are small in number. The rich can be very rich but they are small in numbers.

Older women 30+ from this class will be more likely to be interested in you. Young ones are just that, young. Many do not have a care in the world and as young pretty women, they are in their glory years so she may not be worth the trouble. You can stay home and find that! There are always exceptions but most young, attractive, and rich (these are the most class conscious of all) Latin women marry other rich Latin men and stay within their social circles. If you meet one of these women at our dating agency then obviously she wants to meet foreigners too so go for it if you like her.