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With the arrival of the internet there is no excuse to not make the small effort of going to a website that introduces you to women from any part of the world without having to leave your house. Brides from Russia are waiting to meet men from North America and elsewhere. With a few clicks of your mouse you can be on an Asian dating website and looking over photos and profiles in search of future Asian wives in several different countries.


Here in the Dominican Republic, potential women to marry are everywhere. Men that try to communicate and meet these women by ways other than the traditional methods of meeting face to face by chance or being introduced by a friend can use a more efficient way to meet potential ladies for marriage. These women are often referred to as mail order brides and they are easy to find here. This beautiful, exotic island is a great place to visit year round on top of the fact you can find the love of your life. Not all of our clients are looking to tie the knot right now but just want to be exposed to more quality women before choosing. They are just playing the field because they know they are in demand and can be very picky. One of the best decisions of your life will be to come here and visit this precious island. It will change your outlook on your world. It will change your whole thinking about women and dating Latin women in general. You will miss this place when you leave.



10 Reasons some American men prefer a Mail Order Bride

The information below collected from a forum frequented by men from the US.  The forum members
are men that go to the DR regularly and prefer Dominican brides. There were approximately
150 members in the forum at the time this article was written. [ 8/25/2012 Update - now their are 410 members]
These 10 reasons were derived from conversations in the forum and what I have learned from other American
men whom favor women from the Dominican Republic in the past seven years I have lived here. Men discussing details on a forum about Russian or Asian mail order brides would be different in some ways but similar in others.


1. They want a more ‘traditional’ woman that likes doing the housework, cooking and raising the kids
This kind of woman is getting harder to find in the US.


2. They have better odds at finding one that is to their liking physically
This means that they have a better chance at marrying a younger and prettier woman. Men from a rich country have a large pot of Dominican brides to choose from.


3. American women argue too much
Some Latin ladies like to argue too but if you don’t understand Spanish very well then
you won’t know what they are saying anyway!


4. American women are too hard to please (not happy with the simple things in life and what they already have)
A large amount of Dominicans are poor or close to it.  For some of them living in a house with 24 hour electricity and water can make them happy and grateful.


5. American women put men on a leash
The beeper and cell phone were inventions that some married American men have learned to regret. A Dominican woman would not act this way. That is the way it is here.


6. Divorce laws in the US are too tough on the man
There are similar laws in the DR but they are not nearly as bad and the culture there is not ‘Give me everything I can get’ like in the US. When you choose a Dominican woman for marriage, you will have this problem. The divorce laws are not nearly as harsh to the man and the culture and thinking in general are not 'take him to the cleaners' as it is in some western countries.


7. They like the Dominican food, dance, beaches and mountains

These are also reasons why the this island is the number one tourist destination in the Caribbean and has been for years. Searching for Dominican single ladies here has its perks!


8. They want to marry someone from another country but don’t like traveling very far (family visits, etc.)

This reason is one that was a surprise to some. It makes sense but it is not discussed much in the forum. The Dominican Republic is very easy to get to from the US compared to more than 90% of the rest of the world. Not only is it close physically but the large number of daily flights from the US due to the high rate of tourism and the large Dominican population in the US makes going back and forth easy.


9. They want to help a less fortunate family by being there economically and physically

This is really true for some and I have seen it more often than I would have thought. I know guys that do this and don’t even think anything of it believe it or not. Some like helping raise a woman’s children that otherwise had no chance at a good education or the desire for one.


10. American women are too materialistic

This is also true of many men of course but to move away from a culture where so many people buy things they don’t even need on credit can expose one to a different kind of person.



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Asian, Latin and Russian women are easier to meet now that mail order brides have moved from the post office to cyberspace!