The Dominican Republic:


Best Places on the island to meet single women



The Dominican Republic is a large island. After Cuba it is the largest island in the Caribbean. The women are spread out throughout the island but the word out is that the most beautiful ones live in Santiago.



As mentioned earlier, Santiago is known to have the prettiest ladies anywhere on the island. That may be up for debate but one thing for sure is that they have the snobbiest ladies on the island. I do not want to sound like they all are but lots of them move in groups and are very class conscious.


put pics of Santiago singles areas here






Santo Domingo

Mega mall with college connected right at the food court



The University

You will be seeing some of the best candidates for a Dominican lady here though some of them may be too young for some of you. There is a large diversity at the University level of schooling here. The people who put themselves in the uppity class send their kids here and to schools in the United States. Most of this class speak English and have a major advantage because of that.





Puerto Plata

The beautiful malecon





The many bars near the monument





Sosua is the promised land for some men. Women from all parts of the Dominican Republic come here for a few days or weeks or move here to meet and spend time with gringos from other parts of the world that are on vacation. You may not want to meet a woman here that you will marry but I know plenty of guys that have married women they met here. Its a way for many women to make some fast money and a way for guys to get quick and easy companionship. There are many different agendas here and many nice ladies but if you are going to come here to meet a special someone you may as well go elsewhere to find her. The island is big and women everywhere so do not get used to looking for your love here because its very easy to not go anywhere and choose from who you meet in Sosua as the town has a great infrastructure to make you comfortable. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, banks, ladies and beautiful Sosua beach which is in the center of everything. Many guys come here a few times a year and never even go to see Cabarete which is a lovely beach town only seven miles down the road. This island has too much to offer for you to not see more of it and you can meet a nice woman anywhere here.





San Cristobal




Car Washes

Car washes are a central area of activity in most barrios in all corners of the DR. If it is a medium to large one then there may be a bar connected to it quite possibly with a restaurant. If a car wash evolves to be a certain size then a convenience store (bodega) may open up there. A steady stream of mobile salespeople will be a part of the crowd selling movies, phones, phone accessories, coffee, nuts, empanadas, coconut water, sugar cane, flip flops, lottery tickets and music DVD's.




What all this means is that ladies will certainly be there. These places often have lots of room so music and dancing are brought in to the fold. Live music is often played there too. The women are very approachable at these events. Even if they are with a lot of their friends, Dominican women are very polite and will hold a conversation with you. There are snobs our there but no many at all. I am surprised how when I ask Dominican Republic ladies that I meet and ask them if they have a boyfriend that it seems like 80% of them say no. Dominicans like many other cultures have there share of people that criticized their own kind of the opposite sex, saying they are crazy or not committed to a serious, long term relationship.

So when you see a car wash in your travels around the country, it can be an opportunity. Usually things at a car wash begin to happen at dusk and will continue to the late evening on the week ends. Special events will bring in huge crowds.





Beaches on Sunday

A nationwide weekly unofficial holiday in the Dominican Republic here is your local beach. Being a large island the Dominican Republic is blessed with more beaches than it can handle. Sundays are family day for Dominicans countrywide. It is an inexpensive way to relax after a long workweek as many Dominicans work six days a week for small paychecks.




Holiday Festivals

*La Vega Festival

*Samana Santa

*27 de Febrero - Independence Day




Mega Mall, Santo Domingo




Where to Find a Bush Woman

If you would like to meet ladies from the country that might be more innocent and more laid back, check out some of these towns:


Banao - Lots of farmers here. Rice is a major crop produced in this area which is about 40 minutes south of Santiago.


Monte Christi - Near the Haitian border, Monti Christi is a quiet town on the ocean where people move slow and talk about Santiago as the 'big city'.


Nagua - About an hour and 45 minutes from Puerto Plata you enter this town with an incredible palm tree forest guiding you with the ocean at your side. Going east on the main north coastal highway, the forest starts about the same time the main road meets the ocean again. The palms are thick and beautiful and its like this for many miles as you approach Nagua. Nagua has some small city look to it and many ladies that are looking for something to do. They live far enough from a big city to be urbanized but not in the country but so most will not qualify to be a real bush woman.