Questions For Her



You will never know if you don't ask. Many Dominican ladies do not volunteer information unless asked. This is just the way the culture works for some of them. Men and women do not talk about certain things very much if at all and when there are gatherings of friends and family the men and women usually migrate to each other in conversation that is more appealing to each.

But you are considering marrying this woman so questions must be asked. Some of them will be tough questions. If not now, then when?



Do you answer to more than one name? Tell me the story behind it

What do you think about living where its cold about four months a year?

If you moved to Canada or the US, about how often would you want to go to the DR to visit?

How often do you think you would call home?

If we moved back to the DR two years after marrying, how would that make you feel?

What is your favorite city or town in the Dominican Republic?

Why there?

Do you have any family or close friends living in New York or anywhere outside the DR?

Have you ever or do you want to visit them?

Have you ever been out of the country?

Name some things you like about the DR and some things you do not like.

What would you do to improve the bad things?

Do you prefer living in the DR or the US (or Canada, Europe)? Most women want to live whereever her man prefers. Its not a big a deal most of the time, surprisingly.

What are your goals in life?

What type of friends do you have?

Do you like computers? Do you have computer skills? (Facebook does not count!)






Do you speak any English?

If you move to my country will you learn how to speak English?

This question will probably get you a quick 'yes' for an answer but it will not necessarily be a true answer. She might not even know it herself. She may think she will learn it but the fact is that many people do not have the passion, desire or ability to learn another language.

You can get an idea by enrolling her in classes to see how she does. First of all you must determine whether she actually goes to class at all. Look at her class notes and ask her to tell you what she learned that day. You will be able to tell if she really wants to learn it or not. The conversations about it should last for quite a while and she should show some excitement when she talks about it. Many will not though.

If your lady does not show any good signs of wanting to learn English now do not fret. If you care for her then bring her back and she can learn back in your country but you must be patient as it can take years. You must be sure that she is in an everyday environment where English is spoken. Make her watch at least an hour or two of English language movies or quality television.


Name an activity you never have done but want to.

How long was your longest relationship

What types of things to you dislike or hate?

Would you consider yourself a jealous person?

What kind of job would you want if you lived in my country?

Do you have any specific goals for your life?

If you had one last day to live, what would you do?

Do you have any tattoos?

How important are material items to you?