True Stories of Relationships Between Dominican

Republic Women + Foreign Men


These are actual experiences of (mostly) American men that came to the Dominican Republic to meet Dominican Republic women they first contacted online or while visiting on vacation. Real names and names of some cities have been changed to protect privacy but the facts are not altered or beefed up to make a better story. We believe this page will exist and be more successful using only what actually happened in the relationships. This writer also knows that it is easier to just write what is real as opposed to making up a story. When you just write the truth there is no need to think. All you have to do is write! I have been living here for eight years now and have befriended hundreds of guys that come here regularly or live here and there is much to tell. Everyone has a story about how or why they began coming to the Dominican Republic and the details that follow are all unique and often hilarious.

This page was started in an attempt to supply this website ( ) with fresh new content on a regular basis to keep the search engines happy and keep it ranked high as Google, Yahoo and Bing do not like websites that just exist and don't have anything new to add periodically. Besides, how many 'Latin Dating Tips' articles can we write? We think it will be a win-win as the stories are great. The stories can give you an idea on what it is like dating a Dominican Republic woman and in their own way the stories can paint a picture to what its like living on this beautiful island.



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Randy is a retired cop from Connecticut and moved down to the Dominican Republic about four months after hanging up his badge. I met Randy and he seemed like a cool guy. He was muscular and bought a SUV soon after arriving. I think he knew a little Spanish and I remember talking to him about a certain Dominican chica that he had been spending time with. He even talked about joining a Russian dating agency so he could see that part of the world but he really likes warm weather so he never did.

Randy was the kind of guy I did not run into much for some reason so I never really knew what he was up to as far as his love life. He bought an SUV and went to the gym regularly.

One day I saw him and he told me that he had met a lady and was planning to bring here back to the states. I was surprised because he had just moved here about three months ago. I could not believe it. She was about 35-40 and had two boys, about 8 and 10 years old.

This helped me learn that some guys are used to living a certain way. Randy had always had a family and was used to having a lady around to do 'women chores around the house'. Some people are not comfortable being alone. He had already begun the paperwork required to get her and the kids to the US and he seemed very happy. This is not a rare scenario but it is certainly not common, especially the swiftness of action Randy took. Maybe he had always planned to meet a Dominican woman and bring her back to the states. Everyone is different and I nor anyone else can tell someone what makes them happy. I do reserve the right to be surprised though.

I saw Randy about 10 months later and he had already moved the new family to the states and was in the DR for a short visit. He still seemed happy. Good for him and his new family! The boys are no doubt in a better school and learning English.




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Larry works for JetBlue and has flight privileges that lets him get here often and cheap. He began coming to the DR after a friend brought him in 2003. He took the job at JetBlue to get the flight benefits since he considered the DR his 'new home' after visiting just 2 times. This type of job has lots of flexibility and long periods of time off can be had by trading days with fellow employees. He has another flexible job in sales to make ends meet. He associates each trip here to 'a vacation better than any I ever had at any previous time in my life'.

After coming to Sosua for three years, Larry brought his married brother down. His brother lost his mind. Both of them have passions for Sosua but his brother ended up leaving his wife and his good job (a computer guy, he figured he could always get a remote job and work outside a US office). His story will be published at a later date.

Back to Larry. He met a girl that worked on Sosua beach one day while he was at the beach. He never realized that 7 years later they would still be together. She is a truly beautiful even by Dominican Republic women standards, that can get a man in an instant. She is easily a 9. She grew up in the woods but not too far from a small town with 4 or 5 brothers who do nothing all day according to him.

Larry pays her rent which is about $125 a month for a 2 br apt. near Monte LLano. She has two kids that stay in Santo Domingo with her mother about half the time. Larry has threatened to leave her many times but to date has not. She works here and there and Larry says she is not smart enough to run a small business for herself which is what he would like to do for her. Her looks spoiled her too much and she has never had to worry about much. She does care for Larry but he suspects she may see men for money occasionally when he is away but has no proof. I know her and have never witnessed her trying to meet guys for a payday but I do not go out too much so who knows?




From Los Angeles but living in Charlotte, Warren is divorced and came to the Dominican Republic on a tip from a good friend. His wife left him after ten years of marriage for no reason besides she was bored with him. He was a good husband but was 'too nice' of a person according to close friends of both. He is the kind of guy that expects the woman to take the initiative which is not the rule in the Dominican Republic or anywhere else for that matter. The wrong girl can definitely take advantage of him.

Warren met a lady named Angela through 'Big Mama', a lady who has a gift shop, restaurant and does massages on Sosua beach. She also is a part time matchmaker too I guess. Angela was about 26 with pretty brown skin and long Indian like hair. She was nice looking but not too fine to pass up as far as I saw it, especially after I found out more about her. He liked her right away.

After a few months and two or three trips to the DR for Warren, I see they were getting serious. I did not see much of him since he met her but one day I did manage to get him to meet me in Sosua near Miracle Beach. I saw the car pull up and she was driving. I did not expect her to be with him. They got out of the car and we all said hi to each other and she took an obvious gaze at her watch as to say 'You guys have a few minutes to talk so get it over with'. I was shocked and Warren did not seem to feel one way or another about what had silently happened. I knew Warren was a man who would let himself be pushed around by his woman but it never hit me that this would happen to him in the DR too.

Less than a year later they have a daughter and are making plans to get everyone back to Charlotte to live. Angela never let Warren out of the house by himself. Another friend of ours says he met with Warren once and Angela sent one of her teenage cousins with him to watch what he was up to. She was very afraid of losing her Golden Goose. It is hard for me to witness this kind of behavior by a man who lets his woman control him so I do not see Warren anymore. The culture here has men being the dominant one in a relationship and any guy who does not wear the pants is looked at as weak. Warren is weak and always has been. He prefers the woman t be dominant. I do not know if he realizes she does not respect him as a man. She definitely trapped him with the baby. Of course he liked the idea of having a child with her (its his only child and he is 49 years old). I always say I cannot tell someone else what makes them happy but sometimes its hard to swallow.

They now reside in Charlotte together and she has a car and they live his nice suburban 3 bedroom house. I heard she gets homesick sometimes and goes to see her family in Monte Llano once or twice a year. Its been about five years now and all seems fine with them. Warren does not come here as often since the marriage but when he does she still does not let him out of the house. To each their own. This connection between an American man and a native Dominican woman seems to have worked out well.





I met Carl through a mutual friend. We all played hoops in college and in tournaments in the New York City area during our teens and early twenties back in the 80's so there was much we had in common and we had many mutual friends. Carl is 6'8" and was pretty good back in the day.

We met one day after our mutual friend contacted Carl and told him I live in Sosua. Carl had been coming to the Dominican Republic for a few years already but always went to Puerto Plata. I picked him up at his hotel and brought him back to Sosua.

Sosua is a very nice place for a single man to come to. Dominican chicas looking to meet foreign men is at the top of the list of course but the other things that are there put the icing on the cake. There is an infrastructure that has local Dominicans living right alongside the hotels and ex-Patriots who live here. There is the lovely Sosua beach with its clear blue waters and shallow reefs for 'right off the beach' snorkeling or diving. Restaurants, bars, mountains,


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other beaches, friendly people and camaraderie with fellow single guys mostly from the US, Canada and Europe make it a great place to have fun and relax. Carl fell in love right away and he got his stuff and came and stayed with me the next day.

Carl is the kind of guy who would say he liked a certain girl but would rarely really mean it. He was a pretty cheap guy so he sometimes had run ins with working ladies that expected more for their time. One lady even called the police on him when he shorted her what she expected. A few years later I remember we were walking on the main strip one night in Sosua and Carl saw a Dominican chica and stopped her. They talked for a little while and suddenly the woman said (translated) Oh, yeah! Poco dinero! (little money) I remember you! I was with you a long time ago. You gave me very little money! She walked off and I tried not to laugh as this was no surprise to me since Carl is famously frugal.

There is one lady that Carl liked and she would call Carl and ask him to send her money when he was back in Baltimore. He would send her some from time to time so I know he really liked her. One night she was in a disco and she fainted. One of Carl's good friends happened to be close by and saw it happen. The next day she was on the phone saying she needed money to pay the medical center where she had gone after the incident. Carl's friend had verified he saw the incident himself. I do not remember whether he sent her any money or not but he did find out what really (or so he suspects) happened. The girl conveniently fainted in front of his friend in the club so she would have a trusted witness. When Carl's friend found out that she said that she went to get medical assistance that night he suddenly remembered seeing her later that night at a different disco drinking and dancing. Carl did not get mad but thought the whole thing was funny and told me about it. We all had a good laugh and thought she was at least creative. I do not think they dated each other anymore after that.





Orenthal first came to the Dominican Republic on a vacation in 1996 but did not return for about 5 years due to marriage and a wife that would not allow him. They split up and he was free to go where he wanted again. He is a freelance electrician and is good at it. He began dating a Dominican Republic woman named Chantel in 2007 he met on one of his trips here and decided she was the one. He was tired of being a player and he had done his share of playing around. His goal was to save some more money and move down to the DR and open up a souvenir shop and be semi-retired. He is 59 years old and Chantel is 26.

Chantel was in school and getting good grades when they met. She comes from a family that is solid middle class and her father took care of her all through her years studying until she and Orenthal got married. When they got married he cut her off and I am not sure why. Orenthal says he think her father did not approve of her getting married before she finished school. Maybe even more his father did not like the idea of giving up control of her since Orenthal could now take care of her. Some men cannot accept their little Dominican chica turning into a Dominican woman. Orenthal says her father never shows up to their family functions, barbecues, etc. of which they have many. Her mother and many cousins, uncles, aunts, etc. do come as the food is always plentiful.

As a couple they seem like two people who never would get married or even know each other. Orenthal is a hustler and had been one for many years, legal and illegally. He used to get prescription drugs and resell them back in the 1970's before it was a very popular way to make money. He knows how to make money buying and selling anything and does his electrician thing when he gets big jobs that are worth it. He never like to haggle with customers on contracting jobs or chasing people down to get paid so he would turn down a job if the people seemed like they would be a pain to deal with. He now wanted to move to the Caribbean and live a more relaxed lifestyle.

Chantel was a daddy's girl and a regular church attendee. Actually she is one of the leaders and fund raisers at the church. She sometimes had a way of looking at people like they were inferior to her, even before she knew who they really were. I cannot understand how these two got married but they are and its been five years now. They have two daughters. During her second pregnancy she gained weight that she still has not lost. Dominican women are not famous for going to the gym or working out and Chantel eats whatever she wants to so it does not look good as far as her losing the weight. When she offers me something to drink I usually ask for water and she looks at me kind of funny and says something like 'We have soda if you want' and seems bewildered that even though they have all kinds of sweet things to drink in the house, all I want is water. This makes me think that she is not even aware of people wanting to watch what they drink. She is the kind of person who would want to introduce her single girlfriends to quality single men but Orenthal says that the men she is looking for are hard to find and several of the friends she has are church girls and also virgins. I guess I was eliminated from her list of prospects from the beginning.

Orenthal had taken Chantel to the United States although they never planned to live there. She met some people of her same faith when she was in the US but never saw them again after the first meeting. She did not like the way they behaved in certain ways and said that they were really not of her faith though they were. Little things like women not wearing pants like the religion says were not practiced by these people. This was not a little thing to Chantel and she was upset by this. I think it affected her whole trip as to learn that some of the people of her religion actually did these things. Orenthal is so not a church type person (at least on the outside) that its hard to believe that he could be married to someone who took their religion so strongly. His father was a priest and that could have something to do with it though he says he stopped going to church when he turned 18.

Once I was at Orenthal's house and me and he had an argument about a place and where it was officially located. His sister lived on Broadway in upper Manhattan above Dyckman Street. This part of town is known as Inwood. He thought it was Washington Heights. Some people think everything on Broadway above 145th Street is Washington Heights. Anyway we had a loud back and forth session where both of us swore we were right. Chantel speaks English pretty good but we were arguing and talking in a way she probably did not understand most of what we were saying. Later on Orenthal told me that Chantel thought me and Orenthal were no longer friends due to the argument. I thought this was hilarious. We were arguing but we were not fighting in any way. For her to think that we were angry at each other seems crazy to me. I tried to rethink exactly what we were saying and how we were saying it but it was not that out of hand to think we were mad at each other, just in disagreement. I am not sure if Chantel is an overreacting person or if many other Dominicans would have reacted the same way. By the way, I was right.

This is not the typical couple in any country but there are Dominican women that are religious and they are not all going to marry someone else from their church or even another Dominican. From the age difference you can also see age is not important. Orenthal does keep in good shape so he looks younger than his real age. It seems like all (except her father) of her family get along with him fine. For a father to not like his son-in-law is rare in most any Latin country but a little more likely for people who think they are more important because of occupation, education or even skin color.