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1. Our method of introducing you to Dominican ladies
is simple and inexpensive


There are no membership forms to fill out. There are no monthly fees. Contact the women at your leisure. You will have their personal phone numbers and email addresses. They look forward to getting calls from men from other countries.


"Why do these young, pretty girls give
out their phones numbers so easily?"


1) Many Latina women want to meet guys from the United States, Canada and Europe. For some it is a life long goal. They are not very picky about age, height or race but want a better life where they can see and do things they never could otherwise. Plain and simple.


2) Here in the Dominican Republic pre-paid cell phones are the only phones 92% of the people have. Here pre-paid phone cards are how they pay for the calls and for them it is not cheap. Women of the DR have cell phones but do not get many phone calls. They welcome callers because no one here talks on the phone often due to pre-paid costs. After you contact them the first time, they will call you up and ask for you to call them back when they want to speak to you. You will not believe how much these beautiful, young ladies will really want to meet you.


Our ladies are ready to meet men from overseas that are serious about a relationship. No games here. It will not take you long to realize that meeting these Latinas is easy and they will become the Latin woman of your dreams in front of your eyes if that is your desire.


2. Dominican Republic women are our specialty


We do not spread ourselves thin. We offer Latin dating services for those seeking Dominican women to marry, date, flirt with or whatever you choose. We do not recruit girls from all corners of the world because we are not located in all those places or claim to be. At times we may show an ad promoting Asian brides or brides from Russia, but they have nothing to do with our agency, they are ads for other companies. Try flying to Russia or Asia and when you see the cost and time it takes you will be thinking DR! Our agency recruits from the DR only and we spend all of our time and energy for our clients here. We do not claim cover the full spectrum of the Latina dating scene by trying to introduce you to people from all over the world where there is no way to ensure quality control when recruiting. We will have you dating chicas that are beautiful, sexy and sweet.



3. Our forum (our blog) for men that love this country and its women is one of a kind


Our forum reinforces the fact we know this subject better than most and can do more for you. Check out our forum about native Dominican women and see for yourself what others think about this country and dating future Dominican Brides to be that live here. All the chicas in Sosua are not what you would want to consider for a wife though. Some are hustlers while others are looking for husbands and boyfriends. Sosua is the place to be if you want to enjoy the DR lifestyle but still have others from your country to relate with. Whether its information about a discount girl friendly hotel in Sosua, scuba diving, car rental or sharing pictures, men tell it like it is on our forum. Their love and passion for Latinas in the DR can be heard loud and clear along with dating tips.



4. We are located at ground zero in Sosua, DR


Our office is located in the lovely town of Sosua which is famous for its beaches and beautiful females. It is the Rio de Janeiro of the Caribbean. You will have fun no matter what part of the island you go to. When you get to know us you will have friends here from day one. We very much enjoy meeting guys from back home and have been able to become good friends with hundreds of you over the years since 80% of you come back and become 'Regulars' or 'DR Vets'. More than half the guys that come here regularly come twice a year or more. Some use Latin singles sites to search for Dominican brides to be. We can help you increase those chances by introducing you to quality Dominican girls you would never had met otherwise. Meeting senoritas for romance or marriage can not get easier as we see it. Let us know how we can better expose you to Latin dating experiences in the DR as we encourage your suggestions. All senoritas in our agency are eagerly waiting for you to contact them. For those that only read about rather than doing something about meeting females from another country, you are really missing out on something special. This is real.



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