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Why choose a Dominican woman? Location Location Location



This exotic, tropical island is:

* Only 3 1/2 hours from New York non-stop (Daily on American, Delta, JetBlue, United)

* Only 1 hour 20 minutes from Miami (where many connections are made)

* Many of our clients come here five or six times a year

* Leave at 8am and be here before lunch


There are many different Latin countries to choose from when seeking a Hispanic woman. The best reason to consider Dominican women for marriage or dating over Latin singles from another country is location. You will want to travel back and forth sometimes and the time, cost, etc. involved is about the same as going to south Florida. Flights from NYC are only 3 and a half hours and almost all of them are non-stop. There are four major airports that receive several flights everyday year round from various cities in the US and Canada. Flights from Miami (where many transfers are made) are only about an hour and twenty minutes. Considering Russian Brides? Try flying back and forth to Russia. The same goes for Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia, Honduras or just about anywhere else and you will understand. Brazil 10 hours one way? Thailand 20 hours not including transfers? Forget it. The Dominican Republic is the closest major island in the Caribbean to North America after Cuba. Cupid likes to fly but as your Dominican Cupid we say you don't want to overdue it. The DR is close, big (over 11 million people) diverse (100's of clear blue water beaches, rainforests, deserts, mountains), and has all the resources of home not to mention is filled with hot Latin girls looking for good men. DominicanCupid makes the matches and connects them.

If Dominican women for marriage is what you are interested in you are certainly not alone. There are many countries in the Latin world to choose from but they are not all equal. You probably are looking for a woman that has been raised in her native country regardless of which country you find your mate. Introducing you to an Americanized Dominican woman is not what we do. Our clients do not want a woman from the US or Canada no matter what her nationality is. Being with a foreign woman can be a very different and satisfying experience. Both of you will learn countless things from each other and form a bond in the process. Dating females from the DR can be a great experience and just might (no kidding) change your life. Let us introduce you to some of our sweet, pretty and loving members. The more ladies you meet the better the odds so do it today! Let us find you that special someone that is looking for you. We are your Dominican Cupid!


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I can remember taking a single Latina woman to her first Chinese restaurant and her first plane ride. She was Dominican and from Santo Domingo. She was very similar to other ladies from the DR I have dated in the past. When you take them out to eat they are happy no matter where you go. If you let her choose it will probably be a local place to get rice and beans with pollo (chicken) guisado. Back in the US the girls want to go to fancy places and order drinks, shrimp appetizers, a fancy entree and then more drinks. Just about all of them (even ones who made good money) never help out with the bill. I spend less on a Dominican date and have more fun. A dating service can be a real Dominican Cupid for someone shy and single. Most guys say they wish they did not wait so long to take the plunge to meet these Dominican ladies online because it is so easy and the ladies are so attentive and sweet which is something they are not used to. Calling them mail order brides is just an expression. Meeting people online is the wave of the future whether local or overseas.

More on money. You are a gringo from the mighty United States or Canada and you have a pretty lady 25 years younger than you on your arm. You are the man and feel good. She looks great in a miniskirt and to have one like her back home would be five times the cost and not worth the aggravation. Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s going to cost you something. After having a Dominican girlfriend for a while I have no problem giving her some money for her family. You will be surprised how gracious they are for even 20 or 30 dollars. They will probably buy food with the money and expect you to come eat with them later that same day. They will embrace you and treat you like family from day one. People who never had the chance to earn more than $200 a month look at money very differently than the average American. You will be surprised how gracious they are for even 20 or thirty dollars. You can spend less helping out a whole family in a somewhat poor country than you would dating just one girl from America. I feel better going out and buying a big bag of rice once in a while for a whole family to eat all month than buying some chick another pair of boots she does not need. In the end a girlfriend anywhere is going to cost you some money. Dating single Latin girls costs less than Russian brides, females from the US, even a Latin American one. She will also be younger, humbler and much more appreciative of anything you do for her while chicks from the US expect you do to for them and always want more. There are women that will bother you for money too much but you will not have to waste lots of time finding out. You know your limits and if she crosses them then move on because there are plenty of others for you to choose from. Often they are sincere because many are truly poor but do not send any money before you have met her because you just never know.