The National Association of industry and Commerce inspection team to inspect and guide the company "Five" Federation of construction work

обновленный:2017-03-22  мнения:

     Recently, the National Federation of the organization committee member Li Fang led the "Five" County Federation of construction inspection team to inspect and guide the work of the company. The Provincial Federation party members, the Secretary General Sun Zhanjia, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department, Tai'an Municipal Federation party secretary Gao Shushun, Taishan District United Front Work Department Minister Zhang Jingzhou, vice chairman of CPPCC District, District Federation Chairman Zhang Ling, party secretary and general manager Song Yanqing Taigong machinery company accompanied the activities.

     Check the group first heard about the creation of the national "Five" County Federation of work report of Taishan District, access to relevant archives, field view of the Taishan District Federation of industry and commerce authority construction. Subsequently, the inspection team arrived in the province Taigong machinery company town chamber of Commerce, chamber of commerce organization construction and services to carry out the on-site inspection of the situation. Song Yanqing reported on the development of the construction of the chamber of Commerce and the provincial village Taigong machinery company to inspection team.

    Li Fang pointed out that in the United Front under the big pattern, strengthen and improve the new situation of the work of the organization is a long-term and arduous task. He stressed that the association of industry and commerce at all levels should conscientiously implement the provincial Party committee, the central United Front work conference spirit, sense of mission, pragmatic attitude and creative spirit, with a high degree of responsibility initiatives, constantly create a new situation for the work of the Federation of industry and Commerce organization.

    Li Fang, the Federation of industry and commerce at all levels must unify their thinking, enhance understanding, comply with the new requirements under the new situation, to strengthen the self construction of the Federation of industry and commerce, the better the performance of their duties, earnestly strengthen CFIC organization work sense of responsibility and urgency; to focus on the grassroots level, identify the focal point, continue to further promote the five good County Federation create work, ensure that the "leading group" and "membership", "Chamber of Commerce Building" and "role" and "job security"; to adapt to the situation, innovative ideas, grasp the chamber of Commerce group construction, ideological and political, legislative services, Party building work, actively foster the development of Chinese characteristics of chambers of commerce the chamber of Commerce to ensure the correct development direction; to focus on the overall situation, to lay a solid foundation, to further strengthen the construction team members.